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Prices of export/import of horses  / Preise für Export / Import von Pferde:
To Denemark/Nach Dänemark (Billund)=ca. 12.000 DKK+ VAT.
To Sweden/Nach Schweden (Norrkjöping)=ca. 15.000 SEK+ VAT.
To the Mainland/Nach Europa(Liege, BE)=ca.1500 EUR+ VAT

The prices are ca. 30% higher for stallions older than one year  / Die Kosten ca. 30% mehr fur Hengste mehr als ein Jahre alt.

Flight plans/Flugpläne:
Liege/Lüttich; 17, 20, 24,27 and 31 january......2016
Sweden; late january 2016
Denmark; early february 2016
New York;  hopefully in february/march 2016.

  The salehorses/Verkaufspferde:


Possibly for sale/Möglicherweise zum Verkauf

See latest flight plans; Horseexport, Hestvit, Eysteinn.

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We have always many beautiful horses for sale, mostly young horses. We also sell breedingmares, tamed horses and young stallions! Please feel free to look at our salehorses and watch for updates!
Contact us here about the salehorses.

Always many horses for sale - great colors - good pedigree - and good prices.


















































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